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Someone was singing.

That was the first thing that registered as Sam swam back to consciousness. He opened his eyes to find Meg singing as she finished tying Dean to a pole. Dean's head bobbed – he was reviving as well.

Sam tested the bonds he was tied with and grunted softly. Meg must have been a Scout somewhere in her twisted past, he reasoned, because those knots were tied fast.

But Meg had heard the grunt. She turned her head and smiled, walking over toward Sam. "You're awake. Naughty boys, following me here."

Dean shifted in his bonds and his eyes widened. He caught Sam's eyes and motioned with his head for him to keep her talking, then began to work frantically and silently.

Sam barely avoided the nod or grin he wanted to do – his waking up had clearly distracted Meg before she could finish, and Dean was slipping out of his bonds. It was only a matter of time now.... "Nice altar," he tilted his head toward it. "You're controlling the daevas?"

"As much as anyone can," she smiles. "Old magic, older magic....."

"Why?" Sam snarled. Then his eyes widened. "Wait – you didn't kill us outright like the others." He locked eyes with Meg and his own narrowed. "We're bait."

"Dad," the brothers growled in unison.

Meg chuckled. "Smart boys." She smirked at Dean, then turned back to Sam, taking another step forward. "Your father's in town. And he'll come charging to rescue you – and the daevas will kill everybody, slow and messy."

Sam caught her eyes again. "They're here?"

"In this room, right now."

"How many?"

"All of them."

Dean freed his hands and stood up and Sam pressed, "But how many is that?"

Meg frowned. "You're pretty full of questions, Sammy."

"Don't call me that," he said, then he started to smile. "I'm just the distraction."

Her frown deepened and she started to turn as a single snap rang into the room. She completed it to find a strange red-haired man standing behind her, smirking coldly. "Who---"

"Now, Winchester, run!" the strange man said.

Meg spun to find Sam missing. As she turned back, she saw Dean gone as well. "Who the hell are you?" she demanded.

"Name's Gemini," he said, raising a hand to his side without taking his eyes off her. "And you're done."

Meg screamed as fire roared from the red-haired man's hand, immolating her altar. The daevas roared as well and, freed, raced around them.

Gemini fired bolt after bolt of fire and four twisted bodies became visible, shrieking audibly as they burned.

Meg's scream rose to join it as the invisible creatures lifted her up and threw her bodily through the window. Gemini poured fire that way and two more creatures died. He felt the wind whip by him three times as three others fled.

"Okay," he said softly. "There were about nine..." He glided to the window and looked out, clearly expecting to see Meg's body on the street seven stories below.

The street was empty.

"Huh," he said. "That's odd."


On a balcony, four stories down, Meg lay panting. The creature inside her had – unbelievably – listened when she had yelled to twist, her body knew what to do. Creature-Meg had twisted and caught the balcony. The shock of their arm dislocating at the shoulder had brought Meg front and centre, and she had pulled herself up and over the balcony, ignoring the commotion going on three stories above.

As she lay there panting, she felt a very distinct poke at her forehead – from the inside. "Leave...me alone...."

I can heal that.

Meg frowned. ".....what?"

What I am.... we can heal the meatsu—the host. Let me take care of that arm.

"Why.....kind to me?"

Like you said – we both want to come out of this alive. With an injured wing, we're vulnerable.

"Do it."

There was the distinct crack of a bone snapping into place, though there was a sudden absence of pain. ".......wow.....thank you."

You're.... You're welcome.

Slowly, Meg got to her feet. She walked slowly back inside the building and down the stairs.

The creature allowed her to have a meal before she took back over. And she even told Meg when she was, allowing the original consciousness to slide into a corner of her mind and rest instead of being forced there.

The creature, apart from Meg, wondered what in the world had gotten into her. But there was just something about this woman that made her want to care for her.

Oh, her father would be so disappointed. But for once, Megara couldn't bring herself to care.


"That was a weird case," Sam mused as they walked up to their motel room.

Dean nodded, and suddenly froze in his tracks, staring down the line of the building.

"Dean?" Sam asked, frowning deeply.

Dean nodded his head toward the corner of the building, where the tail end of a monster of a black truck was visible, though it had been tucked away as if hidden.

Sam's eyes widened. "Oh, man," he breathed, and the next words came out in unison.

"Dad's here."

On to the conclusion!
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