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To her shock, the creature found herself warming to Meg. She listened as the human – to try to keep herself sane -- rambled about her childhood, her working on being a gymnast, having a sister....

"I have a brother," she found herself saying. "And – just curious – you said 'Meg Masters' at one point. Is that really your name?"

..... Yes, it is. You know that! You introduced yourself to the Winchester boy using my name!

"No, I didn't. I introduced myself using my name. I saw your last name on your ID and it only had an initial, so...."

Your name is Meg. Your real name is Meg. You're kidding.

"No. Megara."


The creature chuckled. "How about that?"

Someone has a really twisted sense of humour.

"Sounds like it." She stood and stretched. "I gotta get outta here. Find somewhere loud and dark and full of booze."

Meg groaned. Sounds like my idea of Hell.

Creature-Meg laughed. "Perfect!"


Oh, yeah, Meg growled as the lights and beat pulsed through her body. I was right. My perfect version of Hell.

Creature-Meg laughed in unfeigned delight. It never seemed to cross her mind that she and the "meatsuit" were actually teasing each other.

Meg kept up a low-level grumble, which was why Creature-Meg noticed when she fell silent. "What is it?"

Look who just walked in.

"Those aren't – are those the Winchester boys?" A cold smile spread over her face. "Okay, here we go. Where they are, we can lure Papa Winchester in!"

And maybe this will be over soon.


Sam found Dean and pulled him outside the club, so they could talk without screaming. "Okay," he started off, "that was bizarre."

"Every time you start off like that, I worry," Dean said bluntly. "What happened?"

"Not a what – a who. Remember that weird chick at the bus station outside Burkittsville awhile back?"

Dean started to shake his head 'no', but then paused. "The one who came on so strong she stank?"

Sam chuckled. "That's the one."

"What ab--" Dean blinked as the pieces slotted together. "She's here?"

"Ran into her in the club," Sam winced. "Literally. Old magic and then there's an old 'friend' what just 'happens' to show up? That's too big of a coincidence to be a coincidence."

Dean licked his lips, nodding. "Okay, then. I'll go get the car and we follow Little Miss Pushy."

Sam nodded. "Yeah – this whole thing just feels fishy."

They waited till Meg emerged from the club and then followed her to a high rise and up to the seventh level. They saw her contact someone – or something – from an altar. When she stepped away from it and vanished into the bowels of the building, the brothers crept toward the altar from two different directions.

Sam caught Dean's eye and mimed snapping the fingers of his left hand, eyebrows raising in a question.

Before Dean could answer, his little brother went down like a sack of potatoes. Dean didn't get more than halfway to his feet, left hand closing to snap, when pain erupted sharp and white in his head and he tumbled into the waiting blackness.

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